Where can I download “E” sign for my label/label?

The label often requires several symbols to make it meet all the requirements and rules for a correct label. These symbols and logos give the customer correct information and are used internationally.

We have here the “E” sign that you may use only when you want to indicate that there may be a slight deviation in the quantity in the package. This is applied to indicate that when filling, no exact content can be guaranteed, the content may differ by a small margin up or down from the quantity stated on the package. This way the customer knows that there may be slightly more or less in the package. This E sign must appear after the content measure and is usually larger in font than the ml indication. You can use the image below for your label for BottleX products. If this sign is not used, there should not be a smaller quantity in the package than is indicated.

BottleX E symbool voor private label