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SKINCARE – Introduction Sample – Pink Clay Mask 50ML
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Thanks to the cleansing action of Pink Clay Mask, the skin is cleared of impurities and given a beautiful glow. Large pores constrict. Acne and blackheads are visibly reduced, without stripping the skin of their natural oils and moisture.

Thanks to the cleansing action of this mask, the skin is cleared of impurities and given a beautiful glow. Pink Clay includes rosemary oil and mango butter, which ensure that the mask helps against redness and will soften small scars. The mask is perfect for all skin types and due to its moisturizing properties is also effective against dry or irritated skin. In case of acne breakouts, this product is a lifesaver and you use it “On the spot”.

Before using the Pink Clay Mask, it is best to make the following steps to optimize the effect of the mask.


Cleanse the skin with the Cleansing Milk, then use the Exfoliant as a light exfoliant, after this use the Pink Clay Mask. After cleansing, apply a generous layer of Pink Clay Mask to the face, neck and décolleté and leave on for 10 minutes until dry. Remove gently with dabbing motions and a warm, damp cloth. Finally, rinse off any residue. Repeat once or twice a week. After this, use the Hydrating Mist for a refreshing effect, pamper your skin extra with the Serum and finish the treatment with a delicious Hydrating Cream.

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sku: WLSKIN2344.S
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