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Shine Wax 75ML
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Shine Wax is a styling product that provides shine and bounce, eliminating frizzy hair. Because the product reacts to heat, the look can be easily adjusted throughout the day, simply by kneading the hair warm. Because the Wax has a soft texture, it is fine to use for short cuts, as well as longer hair in lengths. This wax has the light scent of ylang-ylang, geranium and eucalyptus. This product is ideal in combination with other waxes, cays or pasts for extra shine


Take a small amount of the Shine Wax and rub it loose between the palms of your hands. Then spread it evenly by hand over damp or dry hair and shape hair as desired.

sku: WLTIN1171.75


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sku: WLTIN1171.75

Packaging and label information:

  • 75ml aluminium tin (cylindrical), with aluminum screw lid including inlaid seal for longer shelf life
  • Label size: 70mm diameter (round)

For more information about the label and design, please visit our design page.

The technical label of this product is located at the bottom of the tin and is applied by default. This includes the legally required information, according to the guidelines of the European Cosmetics legislation, such as the ingredients, instructions for use, etc.

sku: WLTIN1171.75

Additional information:

  • Shine effect
  • Responds to touch
  • Medium hold
  • Stimulates scalp health
  • Moisturizing
  • Paraben free


sku: WLTIN1171.75
sku: WLTIN1171.75