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Sea soak Chamomile 180g
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Sea soak Chamomile
The pure sea salt crystals are enriched with dried flowers, which provide a delicious aroma and a romantic effect. This gives the bath salt an extra luxurious appearance and the product immediately catches the eye. Let yourself be enchanted by the natural power of the salt crystals and experience the healing properties of a pure spa experience. The soothing effect of the chamomile takes you on a relaxing journey, where you can unwind and relax. No stress. No wonder Chamomile is called the miracle herb. The sea soak come in a jar made from recycled glass and, together with the cork lid, this product is environmentally friendly. And not to forget the unlimited possibilities this beautiful pot has to offer when the bath salts are finished. For example, to grow a beautiful plant in or as a storage jar.

sku: WLBODY1254.180


The sea soak consists of pure salt crystals, enriched with delicious oils, dried flowers and herbs.

sku: WLBODY1254.180

Packaging and label information:

The packaging:
This packaging consists of a transparent glass jar, with a beautiful cork lid. A nice, sturdy jar, which can also be used for other purposes after use, for example for a plant or as a stylish pencil case. With your own label, you can easily give a unique and personal touch to this delicious pampering product.

The label:
A personalised label instantly gives this bath salt your unique look and feel, so that it fits in perfectly with your brand. For the personalised label you can provide your own design. You can personalise the label by incorporating your own logo and corporate identity. The product will then quickly get your look and feel. Of course, you can also have the label designed by our professional team of designers. Because our designers will be happy to get to work for you. The personalised label can be attached to the front of the glass jar. You can find more information about label design on our design page.

Example label

The specifications:
• transparent glass jar, with a capacity of 180g ℮
• Height of the glass jar: 75mm
• Height of the jar including the cork: 90mm
• Diameter of the glass jar: 70mm
• Dimensions of the label: 55mm (width) x 30mm (height)

sku: WLBODY1254.180

Extra information:

  • a delicious aroma, with a calming effect
  • extra luxurious look
  • from 400 pieces unique fragrances and other packaging available, mail to centrale@whitelabelhaircare.com for more information
sku: WLBODY1254.180
sku: WLBODY1254.180