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ORIGINAL – Introduction Sample Dry Shampoo
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Condition your hair whenever you want with Dry Shampoo, a weightless formula that gives the feel and look to your hair between washes, with an instant refreshing feel. The shampoo that needs no water, sprays easily on dry hair , applies quickly, absorbing sweat and odor, without leaving a powdery residue. Suitable for all hair colors and types, the dry shampoo is enriched with a fresh and woody musk scent to make you feel great all day long.


Elevator the hair and spray gradually on the roots, Wait for the powder to be activated. Spread the powder through the hair with your hands or use a brush.

Meet BottleX latest development, with pleasure offer this new dry shampoo

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sku: WLORIH2422.S
sku: WLORIH2422.S