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Eco style Wooden Large Paddle Brush
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Eco style Wooden Long Paddle Brush

A simple, plastic-free hairbrush: the Eco style Wooden Long Paddle Brush with wooden pins is a “natural” wooden hairbrush in handy size, which is made of sustainably sourced beech wood, with a white cushion of natural rubber and wooden pins.

Enjoy smooth, shiny locks on the go with the Eco style Wooden Long Paddle Brush. This tasty, natural hair brush is made entirely from sustainable materials, from the smooth beech wood handle to the wooden pins and natural rubber cushion. The wooden pins are perfectly rounded to gently massage your scalp while protecting your hair while brushing, they are also anti-static. The natural wood handle is ergonomic, smooth and treated with oil to bring out the natural color and provide long-lasting protection. One pin hole is left free in the pad at the base to allow airflow around the brush. You can personalize this brush with your own logo. This can be done on the back of the brush or on the handle with a transfer label. This transfer label can be applied to the brush without heat.

By including this brush in your hairline. The Transfer label can be in Full Color.

This wooden hairbrush is ideal for every day but also good to use when traveling, put it in your weekend bag for plastic-free hair care on the go!

  • Ethically made in Europe
  • Durable
  • Beech wood and natural rubber
  • Child friendly
  • Vegan
  • This hair brush has the dimension of 24.9 X 8.3 cm
  • Transfer label size has the dimension of 1,5 cm x 4 cm for on the handle
sku: WLSPEC2032
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sku: WLSPEC2032
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