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CANDLES – Sample box
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Before starting your own brand, proper preparation is very important. Therefore, first order a Scented Candle Test Pack containing one product of each line. The scented candle test pack contains 1 candle of each scent in a stylish taupe colored glass, with ‘frozen glass’ effect, in a stylish box with an open window. After all, it is important that you stand behind your own products in terms of their effect and appearance. The products in the test package are full size. You get a good picture of the products, the effect and the packaging. If you order these samples and decide to start your own brand within 3 weeks, we will refund you the cost of the sample pack in the form of a discount on your first order.

Our scented candles are handmade candles of high quality mineral wax. These scented candles have a cotton wick, burn very cleanly and do not emit particles that cause allergic reactions. Thus, a scented candle has a great advantage over a standard kerosene candle. This candle contains carefully selected premium quality scented oils that are true to their name and fill the room with a wonderful aroma.

The scented candles, also called perfume candles, bring atmosphere, peace of mind and extra dimension to the interior. The scented candle burns for approximately 48 hours. The long burning hours allow you to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere for an extra long time. And with a personalized label, it fits into any interior.

This test package includes:

  • Arabian Nights Scented Candle
  • Caribbean Dream Scented Candle
  • Woodlands Breeze Scented Candle
sku: WLCANDLE0001.T


These candles are made from natural ingredients consisting of mineral wax, with a cotton wick, delicious herbs and essential oils. We use perfume oils including pine, lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, amber, pepper, vanilla, sandalwood, lemongrass, geranium, ylang ylang, orange blossom, honey, almond, rose, patchouli and many more beautiful essential oils. Each candle has a unique scent and blend.

sku: WLCANDLE0001.T

Packaging and label information:

The packaging:
This packaging consists of a taupe-coloured glass jar, with a beautiful ‘frozen glass’ effect. A beautiful, sturdy jar, which can also be used for other purposes after use, for example for a plant or as a stylish pencil box. With your own label, you can easily give this scented candle its own unique look.

BottleX White Label Homecare Geurkaars Frozen Glass

The label:

A personalised label instantly gives this scented candle your unique look and feel, so that it fits in perfectly with your brand. For the personalised label you can provide your own design. You can personalise the label by adding your own logo and corporate identity. The product will then quickly get your look and feel. Of course, you can also have the label designed by our professional team of designers. Because our designers will be happy to get to work for you. In addition to the personalised label that can be applied to the front of the glass jar, each candle is also provided with technical details, instructions for use and any warnings at the bottom of the box. You can find more information about label design on our design page. Please note: products in this sample package are delivered blank.

BottleX White Label Homecare Geurkaars Frozen Glass

Example label

The specifications:
• 3 x 175 ml℮ taupe-coloured glass jar, with ‘frozen glass’ effect
• Height of the glass jar: 80 mm
• Diameter of the glass jar: 88 mm
• Box size: 93 (width) x 93 (depth) x 80mm (height)
• Label dimensions: 55mm (width) x 30mm (height)

sku: WLCANDLE0001.T

Additional information:

  • clear smoke
  • long burn time, over 48 hours
  • from 120 pieces unique fragrances and other packaging available, mail to centrale@whitelabelhaircare.com for more information
sku: WLCANDLE0001.T
sku: WLCANDLE0001.T