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We used to call the Styling Haircare line the TINS, but due to growth and innovation, a new name was needed. This one says more about the contents of this line. Styling Haircare consists of different types of hair wax, muds, fibers, pomades and hairclays. These range from a low hold to a very high firm hold. with a shiny ( grease ) look or a very rough matte finish.

For short or long hair this is the right product for you to bring some volume to you hairstyle, which makes it the ideal product for a mens daily hair styling. Any of our tins hair care products are suited for modulating and restyling your hair. What makes it a indispensable line of products for hairdressers and barbers. The product contains some beautiful raw materials like lanoline, kaoline, beeswax and argan oils. When you have styled your hair the way you want, and it feels soft you’ll notice that it does your nose well too. Because of the scent it has from our best perfumes.

These High quality hair waxes are delivered in beautiful aluminum cylinders casings. Which are perfectly suited to personalize with your own logo and name on the label. The label you can design yourself, or you can leave it to one of our professional designers. Unlike other White label businesses where you have to order a minimum of a thousand products at a time, you can start up quietly with our modest order minimum of 24 products. We currently have the types of hairwax, pomade wax, gel wax and also different hair clay waxes and fiber waxes. If you want to combine the tins hair care line with a hair care line you can perfectly mix and match with our organic hair care, barber line and original hair care lines.

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