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Our wonderful scent candles are beautiful to look at, but even more they are a desire for the nose. Handmade in the Netherlands and a feast for the eyes, because of the beautiful glass jar, with bamboo lids and matching box. Delicious scents based on natural aromas. These soft lights, made from soy wax, create a beautiful flame. A soothing effect, as if you were relaxing by the fireplace. The glass jar gives a rich look, the natural wax and the cotton wick give it a unique character which makes this even more an ideal gift to indulge someone.

While burning these eco candles it is noticeable that the candles last a long time, more than 48 burning hours. Due to the base of soy wax, these scented candles have a very clean combustion, there is no black haze during combustion, the smoke is clear.

Inspired by nature, we have developed products that combine perfectly with a green lifestyle. This also fits with the delicious scents in our range. This way you can show your love for health and peace of mind within your own brand. From 12 pieces per scent you can add the candles to your own line.

Our designers love to help you translate your corporate identity and logo into a beautiful design for the candle and the outer box.

Available in sweet, spicy, woody, floral and fresh scents. The perfume lingers wonderfully, even after burning the candle.

If you prefer a different scent, a different color of glass or outer box, this is possible from 120 pieces per scent. Contact us discuss the possibilities.

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