The delicious scents of the ECO CANDLE LINE are not only a feast for the eyes but even more desire for the nose. Handmade in the Netherlands and beautiful to look at because of the beautiful glasses, with wooden lids and matching box. These soft lights made of soy wax give a beautiful flame which gives you the feeling that you are relaxing by the fireplace. The glass packaging, real wood finish, natural wax and cotton wick together give a unique character which makes this even more an ideal gift to pamper someone.

During the burning of eco candles it is noticeable that the candles last a long time, over 48 hours.
Also, wax based on soy wax has a very clean combustion, there is no black haze in the combustion, the smoke is clear.

Inspired by nature, we have developed products that fit into a green lifestyle. This trends nicely together with the delicious fragrances in our range. In this way you can radiate a love of health and tranquillity within your own brand.
From 12 pieces per fragrance you can add the candles to your own line. Our designers will gladly help you to translate your corporate identity and logo into a beautiful design for the candle and the box.

Now available in sweet, spicy, woody, floral and fresh fragrances. The perfume will last for hours after the candle has been lit.
If you prefer a different scent, a different colour of glass or outer box, you can do that from 120 pieces per scent. Sen an email to for the possibilities.

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