BottleX White Label is specialized in delivering personalised products, in small quantities. So you can swiftly bring your own label to market, without the need to start with huge quantities.

From 12 pieces per product:

  • Skin Care: masks, day cream, cleansing lotion and more…
  • Homecare: aroma diffusers, eco scented candles and more…

From 24 pieces per product:

  • Hair Care: shampoo, conditioners, masks, gels and more…
  • Organic Hair Care: shampoo, conditioners, styling and more…
  • Barber Men Care: beard oil, shampoo, balm and more…
  • Body Care: body wash, body lotion and more…

BottleX White Label is part of BottleX Cosmetics and René Internationaal B.V. The core business of BottleX consists of R&D (resource and development), NPD (new product development) and the prodcution of cosmetics. We have years of experience and follow very strict quality requirements. BottleX is a member of the Dutch Cosmetic Association and we work according to the cosmetic guidelines (76/768/EEG).

BottleX White Label is specialized in delivering personalised products, with a minimum of 12/24 products per order. Therefore you don’t have to start with a big investment, in order to be able to set up your own label.

BottleX White Label is specialised in all sorts of private label cosmetics. The available product lines are:

Organic Hair Care (eco)

Natural hair care products, which fit perfectly into an ecological lifestyle.

Barber Men Care

Care products for men, both for the hair and the beard. Caring and tough at the same time.

Skin Care

A range of skincare products with unique properties, in beautiful luxurious packaging.

Natural Curls Hair Care

A range of products specially developed for the care of naturally curly hair.

Body Care

A compact line including mild cleansing, body wash, nourishing lotion and hand care.

Homecare Scented Candles

These scented candles are not only beautiful to look at, but even more of a treat for the nose.

Homecare Aroma

A collection of delicious aromas, in beautiful glass bottles with fragrance sticks or as room perfume.

Original Hair Care

Luxury products, aimed at caring for and repairing the hair. With a beautiful and natural shine as a result.

Styling Hair Care

This line full of luxury products includes different types of waxes, muds, fibres, pomades and hairclays.

Are you looking for cosmetics in bulk, larger quantities or do you want a custom made product? This is possible at BottleX Cosmetics, Private Label Manufacturing. Visit: www.bottlex.nl/en/